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the esteemed portrayal of eartha

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good day philadelphia, fox 29

“Horton used the internet to teach himself the business skills he needed to found Eartha by Emir in September 2020 during nationwide lockdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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The Hype Magazine

“His brand represents Black resilience and excellence. Styled with elegancy and simplicity, the brand caters to innovators and leaders desiring to put forth an image of authentic class.”

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Official Black wall st

“Time often feels like it’s going too fast or too slow which is why we’re always on the search for something that is timeless. And that’s what you get with Eartha Watch Company.”

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the Quintessential gentleman

“Not only did he aim to create a brand that looked good and made you feel good, but a brand that also makes you think while being intentional about your life.”

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the link entertainment

"Philadelphia native, Emir Horton, is on his way to dominating the watch industry."

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canvas rebel

"Sometimes costs can grow out of control outpacing revenue growth and putting the viability of the entire business at risk. How have you managed to keep costs under control?"

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bold journey

"We’re excited to introduce you to the always interesting and insightful Emir Horton. We hope you’ll enjoy our conversation."

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the washington informer

"The winners of the $50,000 grants were Emir Horton. The winners were selected from 3,000 eligible business owners in the national competition."