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Seven reasons of completion

Why the Eartha timepiece is ideal for those on a mission

Designed in Los Angeles; Worn around the Earth

1. Confidence Booster

Embodies the philosophy that when you feel good, you look good, adding a touch of elegance to your persona.

2. Crafted Luxury with Authenticity

Eartha's represent the perfect blend of luxury and intentionality through meticulous craftsmanship, making them unique symbols of refined taste and purpose.

3. Conversation starter

Status symbols of accomplishment, symbolizing milestones and achievements for those on a mission.

4. Accountability in Style

A constant reminder, keeping you accountable to connect every moment in time to your mission.

5. Versatile Elegance

The versatility of Eartha timepieces allows them to seamlessly complement any attire, capturing and enhancing your unique persona on any occasion.

6. Legacy Beyond Time

Owning an Eartha signifies being establishing a legacy and transcending barriers to endure your treasurable values.

7. Community of Purpose

Joining the Eartha by Emir community means aligning with like-minded individuals striving to put their best foot forward, collectively maximizing the most luxurious asset: time.