Meet our Founder and CEO, Emir Horton

Emir is known to be youngest CEO owning a luxury watch company, an unshakable visionary and a legacy builder. He was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA and holds a degree in Mass Communications from Delaware State University.

Growing up in an impoverished environment and his college experiences are the credited sources for his ingenuity, business acumen and ability to stand out in competitive industries. However, Emir hit many roadblocks in the early stages of his entrepreneurial journey and succumbed to homelessness. In the midst of bouncing from house to house, he accepted that it wasn't his destiny to be comfortable with financial insecurity. While at his lowest point, he found determination to transcend all barriers and fight back against the cycle of poverty by becoming strategic in the way he managed his time. It was during that time when Eartha by Emir was born.

Emir's mission in life is to birth something new in his bloodline spiritually, financially, mentally and beyond while empowering others to achieve their own economic freedom. He is a firm believer that time is the rich resource and gift we've all been given to accomplish something greater than ourselves. Named after his Grandmother, Eartha, Emir considers the Eartha brand to be a conscious mission-driven enterprise.

Who We Are
Eartha Watch Company (d.b.a Eartha by Emir) is an award-winning, timepiece retailer founded on September 1st, 2020. Eartha's are experiences serving as a reminder of the rich resource of time and human attributes required to accomplish a mission greater than its wearer. Our objective is to be a competitive player in the horology industry by distributing timepieces that are sleek and distinctive to add a touch of luxury to any attire.
Our Time. Our Mission

Our mission is to ignite generations to feel and look good at maximizing time. Since inception, we were clear on building an enterprise that put its diverse community of stakeholders first. For us, our community of stakeholders consists of leaders, innovators, visionaries and the entire human race across the Earth. Our aim is to produce an imprint of luxury, and above all things, service. 

Our "Evocative E's" That We Operate In