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Eartha Maintenance

Currently, all movements utilized to produce Eartha timepieces are Japan-made and quartz powered, embodying the expertise passed down through generations and encapsulating the essence of our progressing brand. Your Eartha is a dynamic, operational entity, tirelessly ticking 24/7, demanding peak performance. To maintain its optimal condition, regular servicing every 3-5 years is recommended.

To extend the lifespan of your Eartha, consider the following guidelines. Each timepiece operates uniquely based on individual usage patterns. To prevent magnetization, minimize exposure to magnets, phones, and security scanners. Safeguard your Eartha from external shocks, as they can significantly impact functionality. Remove it during vigorous physical activities and sports such as weightlifting, golf, or swimming.

For automatic timepieces, coming soon to our catalog, occasional rewinding may be necessary if not worn regularly, ensuring peak performance. Manual rewinding using the crown is recommended.

Exposure to extreme temperatures may lead to slight condensation under the watch glass, which typically resolves itself without affecting performance. The depth of water resistance is located on the back of your Eartha. Avoid prolonged immersion and crown use in water to preserve performance. Leather or canvas straps should avoid water contact, and their lifespan depends on exposure to moisture and wear. Rubber straps can be cleaned with soapy water, while steel straps benefit from a soft brush and soapy water to remove deposits between links.

To clean your Eartha, gently polish it with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid cleaning leather straps, as they naturally age with time and wear. Store your Eartha in the provided box or a cool, dry place away from dust, moisture, and extreme temperatures to ensure its longevity.

For additional support, reach out to our Client Services team via your favorite contact method.