Our Mission

Eartha watches are designed to empower a generation of Leaders, Innovators, and Visionaries on a mission to achieve their goals. Eartha watches serve as a reminder of the rich resource of time which we all have been given to reach our highest potential.


Emir Horton is the Founder and CEO of Eartha Watch Company. Raised in Philadelphia, Emir is no stranger to life's challenges. As a young man, his environment weighed on his confidence and caused him to question whether he would be able to fulfill his entrepreneurial dreams. Emir found hope as a student at Delaware State University. He graduated with a B.A. in Mass Communications and planned to move to Los Angeles, CA to pursue a career in acting and entertainment.

With more courage than connections, Emir quickly found himself in L.A. sitting on a curb with a bag of his belongings, a little more than a month's supply of cash, and nowhere to live. In that moment, he was reminded of the legacy attached to his name and the impact it would have if he stayed the course and kept moving forward toward his goals. However, it would take more than faith and ambition to fulfill the mandate of his life. Emir reevaluated his circumstances and realized he needed to be more strategic with the use of his time. The realization was the start of the idea to create a timepiece that represents transcending barriers and living up to one's full potential.

With a wealth of knowledge and the desire to provide a luxury product for today's thought leaders, innovators, and modern day visionaries, Eartha Watch Company was born. As one of the youngest Black man at 25 in the watch industry, Emir hopes to support the dreams of his fellow leaders and remind himself, and others, to be bold and reclaim the rich resource, time.

Eartha Care Mission

Eartha Care Mission is the company’s charitable initiative using its unique resources to impact positive change in underserved communities. The division focuses on several efforts and causes ranging from disrupting poverty to mentorship.