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Founder and CEO

Known to be the youngest Black founder and CEO in the meticulous industry of luxury watches, Emir Horton stands as a producer for exceptional craftsmanship, design, and attention to detail. Though facing homelessness and adversity once attempted to shadow his entrepreneurial genius, his passion within the watchmaking industry never faltered.

Through sheer determination and an astute grasp of time's significance, he birthed Eartha by Emir. A brand that symbolizes not only exquisite timepieces but a testament to breaking barriers, empowering busy professionals to cherish time as their most luxurious asset. An asset to conquer any mission.

Connecting time to the mission®

Our mission is to ignite generations to feel and look good at maximizing their time. Each Eartha piece is a manifestation of authentic intentionality, utilizing the finest materials and horological expertise that stands as a testament to our pursuit of excellence.

Since inception, we were clear on building an enterprise that is planted by its roots for social impact. Whether it's by entering into the school system to empower the next generation of leaders, providing employment opportunities for those without a permanent abode, or getting our hands dirty with criminal justice reform and much more.

Our priority is to produce an imprint of luxury, and above all things, service, across the entire human race on Earth.

Equal justice

Economic Inclusion


Environmental Conservation


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